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3D scanning




A process recreating the shape and appearance of an object, then generating a 3D model (CAD file). This scanning technology creates a digital version of real complex objects, whose digital design would otherwise difficult to obtain. Measurements and modifications can be made on the 3D model.

Usually, after this process, the prototype of the new part, manufacturing drawings or any other relevant material are obtained.



Request for information



What problem will it solve?

A CAD file with the object's shape will be generated—used for elements of complex geometry. This file allows modifications, controls and verifications.


What competitive advantage will the company gain?

Ability to perform very low-cost modifications and checks, and pre-modifications without having to manufacture a part or a real-scale prototype.

What will be delivered to the client?

The CAD file and other associated documentation as required.

Questions about this service?

Delighted with the professionalism of the whole Cetem team, great facilities as well. All in all a +10.

Jose Rafael

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