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Fecha de inicio: 01 Oct 2012 Fecha de finalización prevista: 30 Dec 2014

The objective of the project is to obtain flexible polyurethane foams with better fire performance by incorporating nanomaterials in their composition, such as nanoparticles, nanosheets and/or nanomaterials with a carbonaceous structure such as carbon nanofibers, graphite, etc., in addition to other non-halogenated flame retardant additives to achieve the synergistic effect of each of the added reagents.

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Expected results:


Determine the optimal dispersion method of the nanoparticles in the polyol reagent or in any other solvent medium compatible with the polyurethane formulation.


Know the influence of the addition of nanoparticles on the kinetics of the foaming reaction as well as on the physical-mechanical properties of flexible polyurethane foams.


Establish the optimal concentration of nanomaterials necessary to obtain a flexible polyurethane foam with a better behavior against fire than those conventionally used in the rest and upholstery sector.

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