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Fecha de inicio: 18 Sep 2024 Fecha de finalización prevista: 30 Sep 2024
As people age, the eye loses the ability to focus light from all distances, limiting clear vision at medium and near distances and making it difficult to read or perform other near tasks. This effect is called presbyopia. The main objective of this project is to achieve a minimum viable product to be marketed through the development of different technologies in parallel (electronics, optics, manufacturing, ....) to help people with this ailment. These developments are the key to introducing a new technology to the market that provides high added value to users and changes the current paradigm of the ophthalmic market, both in terms of products and services, and in terms of sustainability and digitalisation of a sector that is mature with the current progressive lens technology.
Código de proyecto - CPP2022-009992

Expected results:


A low-weight, low-volume electronic system that meets the defined specifications and allows the optical power required by the user to be managed smoothly and precisely.


A set of calibration and test algorithms that provide the user with the essential adjustment and diagnostic tools for optimal goggle use.


A slim, versatile mount that compactly houses all electronic subsystems.


An application to run on a mobile device to manage and control all user information and user experience.


A Minimum Viable Product comprising all the above points and which can be marketed under real market conditions.

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