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MAST3R project

Fecha de inicio: 01 Jan 2018 Fecha de finalización prevista: 31 Dec 2018

The objective of the project is the study, research and application of new technologies, such as additive manufacturing and 3D printing, for the rapid manufacturing of tools or fixtures, the so-called Rapid Tooling, specifically in the field of model development and patterns for the production of molds, which will be used for the manufacture of large pieces of rest furniture.

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Expected results:


Knowledge about the best additive manufacturing techniques (3D printing) for the manufacture of the tools in question.


Identification of the required characteristics, in terms of the additive manufacturing process, printing materials, required physical properties, etc. of the tools and tools that arise.


Knowledge about the behavior of 3D printing materials suitable for producing the fixtures and tools in question.


Development of tests or partial prototypes at different reduced scales.


Resolution of the problem of developing large models by 3D printing.


Development of tests or prototypes on an industrial scale.


Development of the necessary secondary tooling: closures, inserts, ejectors, moorings, etc.


Verification of the generated prototypes, through different industrial trials and tests.

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