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SINISO project

Fecha de inicio: 09 Jan 2018 Fecha de finalización prevista: 28 Dec 2018

The aim of the project is to advance the development of an emerging technology, NIPU synthesis, which promises to be the future alternative to conventional polyurethane synthesis processes.

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Expected results:


Identification and definition of more sustainable chemical routes with greater potential for transfer to industrial scale that belong to the NIPU technology that allow isocyanate-free polyurethane materials to be obtained.


Definition and establishment of the experimental variables characteristic of the synthesis process and fine-tuning at laboratory scale.


Knowledge of the relationship between the experimental variables of the synthesis process and the final properties of the polyurethane material obtained.


Establishment of possible future applications, according to the properties of the material obtained, as well as possible improvements that could be achieved through alternative synthesis routes.


Contribution to the development of an emerging technology that will allow isocyanate-free polyurethane materials to be obtained.

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