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Project MATEC

Fecha de inicio: 02 Jan 2017 Fecha de finalización prevista: 30 Dec 2017

The aim of the project is to generate knowledge related to waste upgrading technologies for use in the development of more sustainable flexible polyurethane foam materials.

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Expected results:


Knowledge about wastes of different origin (industrial, vegetal or animal) potentially revaluable for their use as raw material in the production of flexible polyurethane materials and definition of their treatment prior to use.


Knowledge on the effect of the incorporation of waste revalorisation technology in the process of obtaining and final properties of foamed flexible polyurethane materials.


Knowledge of specific technologies belonging to the field of nanotechnology that make it possible to provide novel properties to raw materials for application in the furniture and/or leisure sector.


Development of flexible foamed polyurethane materials that are more sustainable by incorporating reused waste as raw material in their composition.


Development of raw materials for upholstered furniture and rest sector products, with improved final performance through the use of specific technologies belonging to the field of nanotechnology.


Improvement of the scientific-technical capabilities of CETEM’s materials R&D&I area.

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