26 March 2024 - CETEM News

ECO-BOOST Project: Promoting Training in Environmental Sustainability

The ECO-BOOST project, which aims to support VET trainers and educators in acquiring new training approaches in soft skills and green skills, is progressing successfully.

Since its launch in December 2023, this project aims to deepen vocational training for employment and career opportunities in the field of environmental sustainability.



One of the most expected results of the project is the design of a Green Skills Kit, which will be arrived at after a thorough mapping of existing gaps and needs, together with a Training Manual for Teachers. These tools will provide educators with the necessary basis to offer personalised and quality learning experiences to their target groups, mainly unemployed and low-skilled apprentices in Vocational Education and Training.

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In addition, ECO-BOOST will launch a pilot of 10 intensive training courses in five countries participating in the project. These courses focus on specific areas such as Construction, Furniture and Textile, Health and Electricity, aiming to strengthen the skills needed for employability in sectors related to environmental sustainability.



Finally, the project aims at improving the quality of vocational education and training in green skills in the partner countries. This will be achieved by increasing the awareness of the VET system on the importance and relevance of green skills education, thus promoting a significant change in the educational perspective towards environmental sustainability.



With these joint efforts, the ECO-BOOST project is positioned as a key catalyst in preparing the workforce to face the environmental challenges of the 21st century, while offering viable and sustainable career opportunities for European citizens.

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