Pre-Series Tooling & Prototyping

What is pre-series tooling & prototyping?

It is the reproduction of a physical piece repeatedly, through silicone molds.

The obtained copies are made of rigid resin, which is a very resistant material, so it can be machined, to make threads, to assemble with other pieces, as well as to test resistance, humidity, etc ...

What problem does it solve?

It allows to obtain an exact reproduction of the final product for very little cost. It is very useful, at the design and development stage, not to incur unnecessary expenses.

What competitive advantage does the company acquire?

It allows the previous definition of the mold and the reduction of costs in the design and development phase, since all the necessary modifications can be made before the manufacture of the product.

What is delivered to the client?

Reproductions or copies (if you need it, we can also give you the silicone mold).

Contact: José Antonio Ibáñez Palao
Responsible for the Area of Product Engineering
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