3D Simulator

What is the 3D simulator?

It is a configuration software to perform virtual simulation of 3D product with the possibility of making combinations of different variants in real time. It is especially suitable for the configuration of products that have multiple variants (color, mechanisms, accessories, ...)

The application works locally, but it is connected to an on-line database, which makes products and materials always up to date. It allows the printing in paper format of the model and selected variables.

The software allows the visualization of 3D products, 360º camera movement in real time, change of materials with interactive selection zones, preview of selected selected material, product information with detail of selected materials, automatic orbital animation, ...

What problem does it solve?

That the client does not have the capacity to imagine how the product is going to remain, allowing his catalog to contain some discontinued reference (product or material).

What competitive advantage does the company acquire?

For customers it is easier to imagine what they buy.

What is delivered to the client?

Application software, training and CAD files.

Contact: José Antonio Ibáñez Palao
Responsible for the Area of Product Engineering
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