What is PEFC / FSC?

It is the implementation of requirements for obtaining chain of custody certification according to the two existing standards (PEFC and FSC).

Both standards certify that the wood and by-products that form part of the final product come from sustainable forests. Both standards are similar, although there are important differences.

The service is based mainly on:

- Development of procedures and records to document the correct management of the product to be certified (wood, board, ...).
- Implementation of procedures and requirements for obtaining a certificate.
- Support in certification (audits, reviews, improvements, ...).

What problem does it solve?

This service is useful for companies that need to certify that the raw material of their product complies with the CdC and companies that wish to demonstrate their environmental commitment.

What competitive advantage does the company acquire?

Demonstrates its commitment to the environment through the use of wood from certified forests.

What is delivered to the client?

In addition to the support in the certification process, the company receives all the documentation generated and the implementation of requirements.

Contact: Sergio García Ortega
Responsible for the Area of Industrial Technology
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