Lean Manufacturing

What is lean manufacturing?

The objective of this service is to increase the capacity of the section or plant where the new distribution will take place, optimizing the space and making the work flow according to the daily needs of the company. Applying the 5'S so that the job is like our own home and the improvements endure in time.

Optimally distribute all the production elements (machines, warehouses, men, flows) to obtain maximum efficiency (reduction of costs) in the manufacture, based on: optimization of space and flow, decrease of movements, increase of Production capacity, efficient warehouse management, better working conditions, improved safety and hygiene; Steps towards continuous improvement, discipline and corporate culture.

What problem does it solve?

High service periods, internal incidents, security, inclusion of new technologies, high warehouse management costs and unproductive times.

What competitive advantage does the company acquire?

Decrease in price and improvement in service / term.

What is delivered to the client?

Plans for new distribution, training (optional), implementation improves 5 Ss and documentation developed.

Contact: Sergio García Ortega
Responsible for the Area of Industrial Technology
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