Methods-Time Measurement

What is the methods-time measurement service?

The objective of this service is to achieve the standard time, through timing and standardize all methods and processes for the manufacture of the company's products.

Thanks to this it will be possible to achieve great improvements in time and cost and an exhaustive management of the production: to know the costs of manufacture, to balance lines, to manage the production, to measure the deviations and to control the manufacture.

What problem does it solve?

Control of manufacturing costs, standardization of methods for improving efficiency and learning, improving knowledge about the processes themselves and improving the processes for increasing competitiveness.

What competitive advantage does the company acquire?

Decrease in price and improvement in service / term.

What is delivered to the client?

Process diagrams, method documentation, flow diagrams with timings, ...

Contact: Sergio García Ortega
Responsible for the Area of Industrial Technology
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