Our team has experts in industrial engineering, computer science and robotics that provide technological support in: management, control, programming, development and implementation of custom applications, supported by state-of-the-art simulation tools to study and analyze robotic cells and production lines .

Robotic Cell Simulation

• Analysis of production lines and processes.
• Simulation and optimization proposals for optimization.
• Technical reports on opportunities, capacities and implementation plans.
• Analysis of rentability.

Automation of Industrial Processes

• Identification of processes that can be automated.
• Analysis and study of the process.
• Reengineering.
• Design of the new work cell.
• Technical assistance in the implementation and start-up.

Incorporation of Emerging Technologies

• Detection of needs and search of technologies.
• Advice and technical assistance.

Robot Testing of Product Validation

• Definition of needs and product requirements.
• Design and planning of the test method.
• Execution and verification of compliance with requirements and regulations.

Contact: Sergio García Ortega
Responsible for the Area of Industrial Technology

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