The Business Association Technological of Furniture and the Wood Centre of the Region of Murcia, (CETEM) is a private business association without profit, and it was created as external  infrastructure to support to SME (small and medium sized companies) of the furniture and wood sector, and to help to improve its competitiveness.

The following quality policy and R&D sets the lines that allow CETEM to become the model of technological center that emerges from his vision.

  • To promote and encourage (externally and internally) the R&D activities as a catalyst for CETEM’s competitiveness as well as that of other companies.
  • Continuous improvement of all our processes and implemented management system.
  • To satisfy the needs of the interest groups: partners, customers, staff, suppliers…
  • Train and sensitize all staff, according to their level of responsibility and activity within the management system , providing the knowledge necessary for the fulfillment of the objectives set at all times and promoting teamwork and staff development as fundamental factors in CETEM.
  • To enhance the creativity of staff through training and motivation as a tool for generating new ideas to help develop new R& D projects and to the continuous improvement of CETEM.
  • To obey with regulations and laws, as well as the requirements that define CETEM.
  • Implication for sustainable and social development of our environment.
  • In addition, the Furniture and Wood Technology Center has a Gender Equality Plan approved by the center's management team for the years 2022-2026, which can be consulted in the following document:

José Francisco Puche Forte
CETEM’S director