Our Product Engineering Department has a team of experts with extensive experience in the development of new advanced products and solutions designed to cost savings within the company.

Technical development of products:

• Advice on the design of new products.
• Finding technical solutions for product development.
• Advice for product adaptation to the production process.
• Outsourcing of functions of the technical office.

Support in the creation of a technical office:

• Advice for the creation and management of product documentation and manufacturing technical department.
• Training of design specialists.


• Rapid prototyping.
• 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering.
• Mechanised prototypes.

Virtual simulation:

• Virtual representations of products.
• Development of 3D catalogs.
• Applications of augmented reality.

Contact: José Antonio Ibáñez Palao
Contact José Antonio
(+34) 968 75 20 40