10 May 2022


The core aim and overall objective of SE4CE project is to engage and empower seniors for the green, sustainable and digital circular economy of the future and involve them in high quality adult education and life-long learning.



The primary target group (seniors 60+ years) will be directly addressed with a high-quality adult education digital training program on circular economy, that can directly be shared and used by adult education and life-long learning providers. To reach the primary target group even better, a specific train-the-trainer digital training for people working with seniors in care/retirement contexts is developed.


Results to achieve:

  • A course curriculum (including learning content) on circular economy for seniors, with 2EFQ levels to ensure compatibility with the diverse learning needs of seniors 60+.
  • A course curriculum and learning content (EQF 4) for circular economy in the care and retirement sector, including a train-the trainer program for staff to use the SEN4CE training with their clients.
  • Digital applications for circular economy, enabling seniors to EQF 2-3 in digital tool skills.
  • Digital training materials based on the concepts and curricula defined in the project, by using digital tools such as Articulate software of Powtoons.
  • SEN4CE Digital Environment to share and promote tool for the digital training courses.




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