16 Mar 2021

GIST Project

GIST project has the aim to develop an innovative training material for SMEs to provide them the basic competences needed to reach this status of "Bionic firm". Hence, the training material will strengthen technical skills related to Key Enabling Technologies of Industry 4.0; soft and transversal skills that foster creativity, innovation and communication, and finally, open leadership skills with commitment to the company (results), employees (encouraging talent) and society (for a better world).

Logo GIST 2


Results to achive:

  • Training path definition which encompasses a key study based on current knowledge, skills and qualifications regarding digital transformation and a Joint Curriculum to define the necessary learning outcomes and the methodology which cover previous identified gaps.
  • Training content addressing the following topics: I) Introduction to digital transformation; II) Industry 4.0 Key Enabling Technologies for Bionic transformation of SMEs; III) Transversal skills for Bionic transformation of SMEs and IV) Leadership skills for Bionic transformation of SMEs.
  • A collaborative platform where all the content developed will be integrated and a Verification Action will be carried out, where target users will handle, check and assess training content.


Partners: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – KIT (Germany, Coordinator), the Institute for Development and International Relations – IRMO (Croatia), Technological Center of Furniture and Wood of the Region of Murcia – CETEM (Spain), Globalnet sp. Z o.o. – Globalnet (Poland), Innovawood Asbl – Innovawood (Belgium), Styrian Technology Park - STP (Slovenia)



Project number: 2020-1-DE02-KA226-VET-008154