05 Nov 2020


The aim of Environmental Change project is to strengthen the quality of start-uppers, young entrepreneurs and VET providers and enhance their professional development through improving environmental change competences as well as give them opportunity to validate these competences and adapt VET provision.

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Results to achive:

  • Definition of an environmental syllabus to define the framework for developing the training material content of the project.
  • Develop VET providers and VET teachers competences in the field of environmental change.
  • Learning Modules Development based on the VET syllabus defined in terms of enviromental applciations for startups.
  • Compile motivating materials (best practices collection) for new start-ups establishing or developing.
  • Organisation of multiplier events by each partner to disseminate all the materials developed and boost the benefits of Environmental Change training material.

Partners: Regional Development Agency of Rzeszów SA (RARR, Coordinator, Poland), Technical Insitute of Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TIHC, Greece), Mindshift Talent Advisory (Mindshift, Portugal), University of Maribor (UM, Slovenia), Danmar Computers LLC (Danmar, Poland), Technological Centre of Furniture and Wood of the Region of Murcia (CETEM, Spain)


Project number:  2020-1-PL01-KA202-082205