21 Oct 2020


The SWING 2.0 project aims to continue the work carried out in the successful SWING project and facilitate the acquisition of sign language in various work environments in order to promote the integration of people with hearing disabilities at different levels.

swing 2 new LOGO definitivo


Results to achieve:

  • 5 field studies and reports selecting the 100 terms most used in different sectors: civil servants, health workers, waiters, salesman in the furniture sector and tourist guides
  • Recording of 5000 videos in different sign languages including Spanish sign language and international sign language.
  • Improvement of Video dictionary platform with integration of 5000 videos and 1000 images. Available in Spanish and Spanish Sign Language.
  • Development of mobile applications for learning sign language of the most used terms in each sector.
  • Training material based on real situations to learn the most used terms in each sector.

Partners: Centro Internazionale per la Promozione Dell'educazione e lo Sviluppo Associazione (CEIPES, Italia. Coordinador), Asociación Empresarial de Investigación Centro Tecnológico del Mueble y la Madera de la Region de Murcia (CETEM, España), Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen Nuernberg - Innovation in Learning Institute (ILI, Alemania), Istituto Statale Sordi (ISSR, Italia), Universitaet Klagenfurt (AAU, Austria)


Project number: 2020-1-IT01-KA202-008446