The Pharaon Project

The PHARAON project aims to stablish the foundations and unify technological challenges that the aging of the population will bring about in the comming decades by developing real pilot experiences in different European cities.

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The European Pharaoh Project (Pilots for Healthy and Active Ageing),  framed within the framework program Horizonte 2020 , include a four year work plan in which they will be involved 41 partners from 41 different countries who will work in the field of digital solutions focused on active and healthy aging.

A total of 2.500 users and 350 professionals will participate in the testing and  validation  of open technological platforms that integrate advanced services and digital solutions in the field of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cloud Computing and Big Data and that will allow the older population can live  more actively, healthily, and independently in their own homes. These pilot experiences, which will be carried out on a large scale, will define what the technological and functional characteristics of those systems that will help the older population in the near future to become more independent must be. In addition, It will define the standards that must be met by the different platforms to which all the equipment and systems will be  connected  so that the compatibility between all of them is maximum.