ARTURE Project

The aim of the project is to eliminate definitely the existing lack of knowledge and skills between professionals in the furniture industry related to fine arts and artists related to industrial processes and the business of furniture.


Expected results:

• Transfer of innovative practices among 2 different actors: Higher Education Entities in the field of Arts, and Technical Institutions specialized in furniture industries, in order to facilitate the exchange, flow and co-creation of knowledge addressing the vocational skills mismatches in fine arts and design, furniture manufacturing industry and technical aspects for furniture products.
• Teach students how to design and manufacture products for this sector according to the specific safety and mechanical needs (CE marked, ISO Standards, etc). These products must satisfy in order to fulfil legal and safety European regulations.
• A fully developed VET curriculum that includes aesthetic design with direct reference to the visual arts being an equal element as a design element to the practical and functional to a level that can be implemented to ECVET standards.





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